Where Americanism Lives

What is the 1776® Community?

The 1776® Community is a grass-roots movement combining the elements of American patriotism, the American Dream of home ownership and the founding ideals of The United States of America: Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. The movement’s mission is to advance American Patriotism at the zip code level and in new communities and neighborhoods in all 50 states. The 1776® Community is Where Americanism Lives.


1776® Gastonia

Gastonia, NC

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1776® Moore

Moore, SC

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1776® Keller

Keller, TX

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1776® Hermiston

Hermiston, OR

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Great brands and movements are accompanied by iconic visuals, and tasteful, branded merchandise offers tribe-like status to its wearers and gives each tribe member a visual voice to celebrate the ideals of 1776®. For those who seek a high-five, thumbs up or fist bump from a stranger at the supermarket or a thoughtful conversation from a seatmate at the local tavern, 1776® gear is certain to capture attention.

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